Having spent the past few weeks at our wits end with the local council and tearing our hair out, we have finally heard today that we have been granted the planning permission for the new design on our house. Our target decision date was 8th May. (I’ll say no more at this point).

So now, it’s full steam ahead, lots of exciting things to sort out and write about. Can’t wait!


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5 Responses to WE GOT IT!!!!

  1. Congratulations on the planning permission – we know the feeling!

    • cheshiregent says:

      Thank you!
      it’s been a real hard slog but only due to our Case Officer sitting on a document for 5 weeks before thinking to notify us of it which required action.
      All done now though and can’t wait to start. The trees are coming down next Friday – let the fun commence!

  2. Sounds like a nightmare! It is very nerve wracking waiting for that piece of paper. We thought ours would take ages because we heard so much about French bureaucracy, but in the end it took less time than they said it would. However, we are now applying for a change in the design because we want to add a basement, I hope the amendment goes as smoothly as before!

    Good luck with the project, we will follow with interest as ours is timber frame as well!

    • Salut! Thanks for the kind comments – we’re now following you!Sorry I didn’t see your posts until today, you must think me rude for not replying. I adore France so who knows… I have to say though the unknown (ie building in France) is almost as frightening as phoning our local council.

  3. Not at all, I know how these things are, so much else gets in the way. It looks like things are really moving on with your project. It is very exciting to see! Building in France is not as scary as it seems – not at the moment anyway! Maybe your next project!

    We didn’t go for that basement in the end – too costly.


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