In the frame

Things have gone quiet on site as the builders have finished the groundworks and we are now awaiting the oak frame to be delivered to site. We’re expecting that on 22nd September and we’ve been sent some great photos by Carpenter Oak of our frame currently being worked on in their workshop in Totnes, Devon.
There have been lots of questions to answer just lately in order for everything to come together on site such as crane access, scaffold designs & the location of the nearest A&E Dept!
We’re sending the order through for the Air Source Heat Pump and Ventilation Recovery system today and have placed the order for the wood burner.





So progress is great and so far we are still on budget. We have had a couple of nasty surprises with unexpected additional invoices but we have made a few savings in other areas and hope that we can continue to negotiate with other suppliers in order for us to re-coup our extra outgoings.

Thankfully, the weather really has been on our side whilst the groundworks were completed and the forecast is also looking fairly positive.

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