October Update

Ok, so I know it’s November, but only just, so forgive me!

In the last couple of weeks we have seen the SIP’s panels installed, extra insulation has gone in, battening has begun and the sandblasting of the oak frame should be finished by tomorrow. Oh and we planted 1,000 bluebell bulbs in the woods and sowed 20,000 bluebell seeds.

What we should have been told is that the sandblasting should have started BEFORE the Kingspan insulation was put in as the pressure from the sandblasting tore through the insulation when tested. We ended up having to pay a day’s labour to cover and protect the Kingspan from the sandblasting. A cost we hadn’t factored in. We live and learn!

We also learnt that we needed to have photographic evidence of us planting the bluebells as in years to come, if we ever need to remove any, we can prove that they were put there by us and were not naturally part of the woodland as they are a protected plant. The hoops you have to jump through……

We’ve also had a few issues with the ventilation recovery system and the air source heat pump installation. The fitter for the MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) arrived a day early completely unexpected and we weren’t ready. So, a bit of a wasted day on his part but his early arrival did throw up some challenges in that his ducting was struggling to fit through the floors and walls to get to where they needed to be.
This is the part of the self-build process that isn’t so enjoyable as all of a sudden you have to become a problem solver in an area in which you nothing about. Lots of blame was banded around with no-one wanting to take responsibility but that really doesn’t solve the problem. After much head-scratching, removal of flooring, joists and general hacking about and hammering we seemed to be heading in the right direction.

The sandblasting put a stop to anything else being able to be done on site. The noise alone is enough to go right through you and is reminiscent of a dentists drill (only MUCH louder). If that doesn’t get you then the constant cloud of dust and sand certainly will.
The guy doing it is suited up like a deep sea diver from yesteryear complete with sinister looking headgear with a long tube coming from the top. You can almost hear the Darth Vader-like breathing when the ringing in your ears finally stops.
That said, our floor has taken on the look and feel of a Caribbean beach minus the tropical heat and steel drums of course!
Tomorrow he is due to finish and the cleanup operation will begin.
We’re hoping that the floor will be the next thing to go down as we can then progress. The Air source heat pump has been promised us for next Monday and the week after that we are hoping to begin the glazing.

Finally was able to put the order in for the kitchen this week along with the utility room and an office suite for one of the bedrooms.
Staircase was measured up last week and the AGA will arrive on 1st December.
After a couple of slow weeks where not much has changed in the appearance of the house, i’m really hoping that is all about to change and we can pick up the pace.Kingspan Insulation

MVHR ducting

Before and after

Before and after

Plumbing pipes 1st fix

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